Fighters United-States
21Alex Andrade El ToroAlex Andrade (0-1-0) United-States
22Alex Caceres Bruce LeeroyAlex Caceres (15-11-0, 1NC) United-States
23Alex Hunter The ChiefAlex Hunter (2-0-0) United-States
24Alex Karalexis T-RexAlex Karalexis (1-2-0) United-States
25Alex Morono The Great WhiteAlex Morono (11-5-0, 1NC) United-States
26Alex Munoz Alex Munoz (0-2-0) United-States
27Alex Nicholson The SpartanAlex Nicholson (1-3-0) United-States
28Alex Perez Alex Perez (6-3-0) United-States
29Alex Reyes The ExecutionerAlex Reyes (0-1-0) United-States
30Alex Stiebling The Brazilian KillaAlex Stiebling (0-1-0) United-States